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Context: The strategic mission of internationalization in Emory College is to promote global citizenship in a plural world. This goal entails scholarship and outreach to understand societies and cultures and to help reduce inequality and injustice -- both across the world and in our international community at home. This mission entails recognition of and interchange with foreign scholars, students, and immigrants as well as the promotion of international scholarship and foreign experience among Emory faculty and students. Through targeted strategic growth, Emory courts nationally recognized excellence by combining rigorous understanding of cultural and social diversity with experiential application and comparative analysis. This initiative links student training with faculty research and international collaboration.

Programs that support and further international scholarship at Emory College include the following:

World Area Studies Programs: African Studies, East Asian Studies, Latin American and Carribean Studies, Russian and East European Studies, and South Asian Studies.

States at Regional Risk Project (SARR)

India Summer Faculty Research Trip

IDN Project in Liberia


International Emory Tibet

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